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Finding the Best Care Community

Dr. Jane has helped close to 500 people transition successfully from home to community living. Orchestrating these moves is complex. Dr. Jane is able to assess the best way to present and implement the move for each person. Two of her favorite maxims are:

1 - One size does not fit all — Some people thrive in a larger community, with many residents and stimulating activities; other people do better in a smaller, calmer care home where there is very little going on.  Everyone is different. Dr. Jane will provide guidance on selecting the best community, so the person makes just one move. 


2 - A care community is not a facility, it is an extended family — Dr. Jane has evaluated dozens of care communities in Southern and Northern California. She is well aware of their distinct philosophies, relative strengths and weaknesses, and staff turnover. Dr. Jane does not accept referral fees from these communities, but is able to negotiate costs on behalf of her clients. 

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